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5 Best Apps To Travel Eastern Europe

If you know what you need while travelling, you can download the information before your trip and use it without mobile data.

I chose 5 applications that are useful for you on your trips.


While using wi-fi this app let you download and keep maps in your mobile phone. It shows restaurants, hostels, hotels and helps you navigate.You can also add places on the map and share it with the other users. You can search places with offline mode and add your list too. This is the best app for me!

2. Spotify 

This app is let you listen music offline. It has a small fee to buy premium user account. After you become a premium member you can download songs with wifi. After that you can listen without internet connection. So on your travel you don't need a nice place to hang-out. You have your own music in your pocket anytime.

3. Google Translate

This is a free application for translate. With wi-fi you can download packages for every language. This translator is the most useful on a practical level quickly translating day-to-day words you come across on your travels. Because sometimes we travel to every small islands or cities and lack of language can be a big problem for us. I think that having a translator handy can help in many situations.

4. Lounge Buddy 

Waiting for long hours in an airport is a nightmare. It's not so hard to find a good lounge to kill time between flights. Whether you're traveling economy or first class, LoungeBuddy comes to the rescue, helping you find airport lounges in more than 500 airports around the globe. LoungeBuddy pulls up a list of locations you can access for free or a one-time fee. Also, users can share their experiences with photos or reviews too.

5. PackPoint

Packing our stuff depending on every country is hard. Because we have to check everything one by one. But PackPoint is a travel packing assistant that helps users by providing a checklist of travel essentials that they need to pack, depending on the nature of their trip. Users create a trip profile with destination, purpose of travel and length of stay. Application creates a special checklist for users trip.

Bonus apps: or Hostelworld are also good applications for your travel. You can find accommodation with good prices or good location. In addition you can find special offers like pay on arrival, booked without credit card.

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Berfu Özulu

Berfu Özulu is student from Turkey and her major is Economics. She is interested in writing and volunteering. Working for TOG culture-art section and another project which is called Building Bridges for Refugee Children. Lately, she states that the travelling is her passion and she believes that while travelling you can learn more than you can read or hear. It brings great experiences and good people.