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5 Hot Spots of Romania

 The founding of Timisoara dates back to the early 13th century, it was once the first European city to have electric streetlights when it was a part of the Ottoman Empire. The city suffered heavy damage during the Send World War. Now it is known for its charming European squares and the Timisoara Orthodcoox Cathedral.

On the road from Timisoara to Cluj-Napoca, you should visit “Corvin Castle” in Hunedoar.

2. Cluj-Napoca 

Cluj is the best city for young people who visit Romania because it is the center of largest university in the country. History of Cluj dates back to Roman colonization. The Gothic St. Michael’s Church built in the 14th century has the tallest church tower in the country. Young people standing on the streets enjoying the day in the many cafes make the city a vibrant place. The National Museum of Art is also a major attraction in the area, it has a large collection of work by Romanian artists.

From Cluj to Sibiu you should visit Turda. The Salina Turda Salt Mine is a veritable history museum of salt mining. There are also activities like golf, swimming and a ferris wheel.

3. Sibiu 

Hermanstadt, (German name) was founded by Saxon colonists about 800 years ago. It's one of the most important cities in Transylvania. It has several medieval squares, the Grand Square has Baroque buildings, including the Brukenthal Palace. It is home to one of the oldest museums in the world. The most famous location in this city is the “Bridge of Lies”. You should ask the story of bridge from local people.

4. Braşov 

Braşov is a city located the center of Romania surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Because of this, it has a nice view from top by ropeway. The Black Church, a Gothic cathedral, so named because smoke from a huge 17th century fire blackened the stones, is the most famous place in the city. Winter sports are also famous in Braşov.

When you visit Brasov there are two more stops to visit, too. One is Rasnov and the other one is Bran. They are small towns in Braşov and both of them have castles to visit. Rasnov has a small square and Dino park, it is not as special as Bran.

Bran castle is known as the house of Dracula. Bran castle is the most famous castle in Romania.

5. Bucharest 

Bucharest is the capital of Romania. Bucharest is more sophisticated than other Romanian cities. Visitors will come across centuries-old buildings, communist-style architecture and a modern high rise all on the same block. Bucharest has one of the largest parliament buildings in the world. There are tours are given frequently throughout the day in the parliament building. The old town of Bucharest is very impressive with old buildings and medieval churches. Unirii Boulevard is also beautiful place to visit.


If you want to have a different kind of experience in Romania, you should visit Vama Veche. Vama Veche is a small sea village in Constanta, it is located next to Bulgarian border and is a symbol of freedom. You can camp on the beach or have party all day and night and then swim in the Black Sea. There are lots of options about food or music. There is an idiom about Vama Veche, people always say: “ If you visited Vama Veche, why would you want to go to Ibiza?”

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