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7 things that surprised me traveling in Bosnia

We have landed in Tuzla airport without a plan of how to get to the city center or our first destination Sarajevo. Actually no plan is the best way to meet locals and get into a travel adventure. After asking the first guy we met for the way, he showed us Bosnian friendship – we immediately got a ride, were invited to a restaurant and the guy simply disappeared when we tried to give him money back!

Seriously, no one in Western Europe will invite a stranger to a restaurant or even take more than 50 seconds to explain how to get to the city center!

2. Bosnia is home to three major world religions

Our first destination was Sarajevo with its mix of cultures and religions. Bosnia is an example of a country where people from different origins and cultures can live peacefully together. It is really amazing to see a mosque just crossing the street to a Catholic and an Orthodox church!

We all know how mosque looks like; we have plenty in Western Europe, too. But in Bosnia they are really beautiful! The mosque is not only a place where Bosnians pray to God, it is also a place where they get together, drink coffee, discuss things, and find peace in urban life.

3. Each building in Sarajevo has an evidence of a past war

Only three hours after leaving the plane, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe destroyed and shelled-out buildings, houses where renovation never finished because of a lack of money, would surround my romantic holiday. I had been both fascinated and horrified by Bosnian history. Sarajevo is the best city to see the results of war; every street keeps its historical memory.

4. I could hardy find any alcohol in the old town Bascarsija

Cafes and bars don’t serve alcohol, people get together to smoke hookah (instrument for smoking flavored tobacco) and drink salep (popular sweet beverage). It keeps this impressive place clean at night, relatively calm, and joyful for everyone.

5. Bosnian village Lukomir is the highest in Europe

This was a real highlight! The village has an altitude of 1,495 m and a permanent population of 25 inhabitants. There are no basic public services, water or electricity. I really admire the courage of the old people living there!

6. Good quality of life

Apart from the visible evidence of war, Bosnia appeals as European country with European standard of living. There are many problems to be fixed, but it seems Bosnians are on the right way.

7. Tourism in Bosnia is booming

If you still haven’t visited Bosnia, you should hurry up, as country soon will reach its peak potential in terms of tourist numbers, and those are commonplace! Bosnia seems to be a favorite destination for back packers. Mostar, the biggest city in Herzegovina, has a favorite daily excursion destination for Croatian tourists.

So „Aide”! (Let’s go!)

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