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A Critical View of German Literature

He published many poems, short stories, and novels during his lifetime. He won lots of prizes in Serbia and in the former Yugoslavia and he was mentioned several times as a potential candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Pavić died in Belgrade in 2009.He had been joined into the world of literature with 2 poems which are “Palimpsests (Palimpsesti)”, and “Moon Stone (Mesečev kamen)”, these poems were translated English soon.

His most famous work is the “Dictionary of the Khazars (Hazarski rečnik)” published in 1984.

Let's take a sneak peek in one of his most important works:

Dictionary of the Khazars is the first novel of Milorad and with this novel he got an international success. It is a lexicon-format novel that follows the story of the semi-fictional tribe known as the Khazars. In the novel, the Great Khan of the Khazars has a dream that is nearly impossible to interpret. He calls for representatives of the three great religions of the world: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, to shed light on it. He asks them to explain dream promising that the entire Khazar tribe will convert to the religion which provides the most convincing explanation. He provide three dictionaries from them and this trilogy presents three different versions of the story.

Some of his works available in English:

• Landscape Painted with Tea (1988)
• The Inner Side of the Wind (1991)
• The Third Argument (1995)
• For Ever and a Day (1997)
• Writing Box (1999)
• The Glass Snail (2003)
• The Tale that Killed Emily Knorr (2005)
• Second Body (2007)

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