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Art Week Berlin 2017 embraces sprightly Dance & Happening

Berlin Art Week 2017- Synopsis of dance happenings.

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2017, performances at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and at Tempelhof Hangar 5, made the days from the 13th until the 17th of September not only a inviting panorama of the wide art spectrum in Berlin but also an appealing chance to see and participate in dance venues. Here a résumé of two performative events within the 5 days of Art Week Berlin.

The Belgian artist Miet Warlop presented Mystery Magnet, an eccentric piece that makes to fall in a diverting colourful parallel world. Circus like performers open the show with smooth and small movements followed by others that join in with odd and bizarre costumes. It reminds a group of children, fully dedicated to play a fantasy game. One after another coup de theatre, make the onlookers increasingly staggered. Surreal characters with balls of wool covering head and faces or completely folded by long trousers, paint that splashed out of the bodies, wafts of fog, explosions of coloured foamy soap, a semi-naked guy acting as a horse, a dumbfounded performer looking incredulous at the eerie figures, floating pieces of wool and diverse, stratified sounds create a multi-layered, intriguing and amusing scenario. Many tricks made the piece full of surprises and the constant change of setting due to animated and theatrical effects, allow to descend upon an immersive, entertaining, cartoon-like dimension.

At Hangar 5 in the old and dismissed Tempelhof Airport takes place A Dancer's Day: 1000 Gestures. Divided in diverse sessions, the day brings together experienced dancers, dance lovers and curious to be involved in a full-time dance day.

In the concept of A Dancers's Day, the choreographer Boris Charmatz intersects the day of a dancer, revealing their structures and routines.  On the menu: warm-up, rehearsal, performance, rest and freely taking over the space and the dance floor. The result is a funny, engaging and friendly environment where the people are invited to play with their bodies in movement. The enormous and fascinating hangar creates a beautiful set and atmosphere where to run, move and play but also an incredible setting for the performances that took place. Over the course of six hours, during the picnic break, the visitors sit on blankets spread out through the large floor while looking at a piece by Tino Sehgal beautifully interpreted  by Frank Willens. The dancer, with a sculptured naked body reminds the mesmerising beauty of Rodin's male figures and his muscular power, interwoven with his highly skilled, harmonious and precise movements through the space, captures the glaze and attention of the surrounding onlookers. Gripping his slightly provocative actions and verbal interaction that make the whole piece beguiled and captivating.

Creating a platform to dance as a playful interaction, the outcome of A Dancer's day is the confirmation of the power of dance as universal language that connects and stimulates the spirit of excitement, pleasure and joy, enticing and necessary to every human being.

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Veronica Posth studied History of Art at the University of Glasgow (UK) and Florence (IT) specialising in Contemporary Art and Modern Museology. After some years working in a contemporary art gallery in London and collaborating with a creative association promoting Contemporary-Urban Art and Electronic Music in Florence, she gained a Master in Exhibition Design and Curatorial Studies between Florence (IT) and Berlin (DE).She lives and works in Berlin as independent curator and art reviewer. Her main interest are related to contemporary art, dance and music.