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Bara Srpková, Photographer / Grain & Pixel

During her life she has always been accompanied by a camera that she used with a passionate dedication, with time slowly becoming a sort of obsession.

Her autodidactic practice started during her teenage years when, firstly just as a game, she began to experiment with different ways of taking pictures; sometimes depicting friends, other urban locations, and natural environments - overlapping images and merging pictures by chance. With many years of practice, just as stimulating hobby, Bara used the camera mainly as a tool to investigate the possibilities of impressing time on film.

Intrigued by the combination of technical and artistic aspects of photography and highly influenced by the work of Jean-Francois Spricigo, Michael Kenna and Gabriele Coppi, she slowly felt she had to deepen her photographic call.

At the moment of her departure to New York in 2013 she received a Yashica Mat-124 G as a present from a friend and professional photographer after her explicit wish to continue to develop her main leisure activity.

From that moment on she dedicates more time and practice to analogue photography, forming a real relationship with the camera as a fascinating object able to grasp intangible moments.

Starting with 35mm film she then started using 120mm-medium format. The choice of black and white, very important to Srpková, is related to the abstraction of the picture and the freedom of interpretation that can lead the viewer to a wide imagination. Her photographic creativity flourishes with the time, capturing curious fragments and delicate moments that are part of unexpected coincidences.

Fascinated by details and serendipity, she catches particularities and happening that she wants to make hers. Moved by a desire to appropriate certain visions, she finds a way to grab intriguing sights. She looks at the world with photographic eyes and this brings her to have a particular sensibility in finding the poetry of vibrant although fleeting instants.

Her interest for geometrical patterns, balanced harmony, complexed structures and compositions, are related to her architectural academic formation that, in opposition to her old school photographic approach based on old format and old editing, is instead based on futuristic rendering where everything is new and virtual.

After having the limitless freedom in creating architectural images through their design and post-production, it is pleasant feeling to find rest in analogue photography where the excitement and beauty comes from capturing one brief unaltered moment in reality.

The significance of her analogue work, deeply connected to her necessity to embrace real things and happening facts, moves towards an aesthetic direction allowing grace, harmony and elegance to shine.

The extraordinary capacity to make nature glimmer and cities twinkle, to capture the peculiarities and magnificence of landscapes and skylines, creates an intriguing vision where the hints magnetize the glance.

By posing the attention on the creative compositions, sometimes premeditated, others extremely casual, it is captivating to see how the pictures tell stories entitling imaginative travels.

At the same time, the allure of magical situations is captured by an attentive observation for distinctive elements and circumstances. Finding herself as a witness to mesmerizing realities, she is capable of catching the aura of situations and locations through an attentive balance of light, shadows and compositions.

The impalpable but real scenarios, narrative and at the same time poetical, allow the viewer to feel a part of them; as to experience a dreamlike voyage where one can flow in different whereabouts, perceiving enchanting sensations and savoring captivating visions.

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Veronica Posth

Veronica Posth studied History of Art at the University of Glasgow (UK) and Florence (IT) specializing in Contemporary Art and Modern Museology. After some years working in a contemporary art gallery in London and collaborating with a creative association promoting Contemporary-Urban Art and Electronic Music in Florence, she gained a Master in Exhibition Design and Curatorial Studies between Florence (IT) and Berlin (DE). She lives and works in Berlin as independent curator and art reviewer. Her main interests are related to contemporary art, dance and music.