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Business German for Companies in Berlin

Level:  A1 - C2

Price: trial lesson 45min. =  € 45 

Available class time: Monday - Saturday  8 am - 10 pm

Location:  In - your company / Berliner Str. 7, 13127 Berlin- Französisch Buchholz


Does your company suffer from communication breakdowns? Or maybe your colleagues need to improve corporate language competence?

Whether they are absolute beginners, have an intermediate level or want to improve their fluency in German, they will get the right kind of support here. 

Every organisation is unique and it needs language courses tailored to the company's area of expertise. No matter what your employees’ learning requirements, we work closely with you to create a German Business course tailored to the group. We give you regular updates on your employees’ progress throughout and at the end of the course.

We do not take any registration fee. Cancellation is possible within six months with a refund. We offer three different price packages that can extend for one year. After the course, all the participants get a certificate that corresponds to the European Framework for Languages.

Corporate Training Course Includes:

  • teaching Business German using a mix of media and interactions
  • motivation to self-improvement  
  • cross-cultural training  

How our lessons corporate training packages work:

1. We will meet with you to discuss what is expected from the course.

2. We will look at the time and the budget that you have in mind.

3. We will work with you to offer the best language course package for you.

4. We propose to try online lessons, especially if the group consists up to six participants. Each online lesson lasts 60 min and costs 30 euro.


We always make sure we choose the right teacher for our students, one that not only has professional diplomas and qualifications but is the best match for each group and its learning style. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers deliver business-orientated  German training tailored specifically to the needs of corporate clients in the German market. Training can be provided both at your premises and in our classrooms on dates and times that are convenient for you.

Contact person: Mrs Sani Manchak 

Mobile or WhatsApp 017672229044 

Monday - Wednesday - Thursday

5:00 PM- 7:00 PM 

Tel: 030 / 27697873  Email: manchak@beastproduction.eu