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Have you known that in Belarus death penalty still exists?

Most of people, who hear it firstly don’t really get all the serious of this question. There are different reactions on it. Some people says – it is ok, they deserve it. Others are in horrible worrying about how in civil society, nowadays in XXI century humans can use this.

In Belarus death penalty was accepted in 1996, after what there were a lot of attempts done by people, NGOs and civil society to cancel it.

For this time there were over 20 people killed “legally” because of crime they did.

According to human rights values it touches the central and basic right to life. It means the every human being has right to live and can not be killed by any of others human being.

In 1966 by the United Nations General Assembly it was fixed in International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Also it is supported by Constitution of Belarus. What a deal, right?

But there exists initiative “Say NO to death penalty” providing by NGO “Viasna”. They gather signs in petition to prohibit the fat of killing people. Everyone can sign the petition with going to this web-site and pressing red button - Sing the petition.

The organization Is strongly fighting against death penalty on all available stages from promotional works and educational campaigns with people who has no any connection with it to legal support for those who are under court.

“Viasna” has recorded also some documentary educational movies about families and people who were killed as punishment for crime they did. What is shocking – the thing they do with killed person. They never bury the person. They don’t give chance to make farewell for the relatives and friends. Just put in the forest and bury without any ceremony, like a dog. Parents, brothers and sisters, friends and children never know where to find the place their son or brother was dropped out, like a dog, but not human being.

Do you think the person can have such right to take life of other person with hiding behind “the law” which is also making me to think about its rights?

The penalty death is made with shooting person! It’s the machine which shoot, it is also someone, the person! It is the job – kill others as punishment! But does this person want to do that? How does he feel while being after with family and friends, knowing what does he do as the job.

And now, I’m just curious about your point of view. I propose anonymously to answer the question “Do you support the penalty death?”
1. Yes, they deserve it.
2. No, it’s not fair punishment.
3. It’s hard to answer, depends on situation.

Also if you were interested in the topic and want to discuss more, talk about that or you have any comments to add – send me by e-mail:

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Iren Broh

Iren Broh is a freelancer journalist from Slavutych, Ukraine. Currently main topic to discover and work in she chose human rights and its defence. She is working in the area of NGOs and non-formal education.