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The main goal for HRHN is to support, protect and empower human rights defenders and join forces in building democracy and civil society.In Ukraine there are two HRHs, but the one, which is situated in Chernihiv has it specific – it is Educational one.

“The idea of EHRH-Chernihiv grew up while realizing All-ukrainian educational program “Understanding human rights”, where we organized trainings, seminar and courses for teaching people how to understand human rights and plan activities to defend them. Now we are here, at the official opening of EHRH-Chernihiv. We believe that it’s a possibility to promote and develop educational programs for human rights defenders, but not only “education for education”, but “education for activation”, - said Serhiy Burov, Chairperson of the Board of Educational Human Rights House – Chernihiv.

Representatives of Norwegian Embassy visited Opening too. And according to his speech he was pleased and surprised how many changes there were in the House. First time Sigbjorn Litland have visited EHRH-Chernihiv was in September, when it was still not ready. At the Opening were members of HRHs from Norway, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Belarus, Croatia, Bosnia, Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

“We have planned to open such House before Maidan and the present situation has started. And we didn’t know it will happen. But now we see how much important is it. Educational Human Rights House – Chernihiv is the place, where can find shelter also human rights defenders, who have to leave their homes because of activities”, - admitted Maria Dahle, executive director of Human Rights House Foundation.

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Iren Broh

Iren Broh is a freelancer journalist from Slavutych, Ukraine. Currently main topic to discover and work in she chose human rights and its defence. She is working in the area of NGOs and non-formal education.