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Undoubtedly the second world war which, is one of the most important period for eastern Europe, and the films made on this subject are the most interesting ones.

Here is some suggestions for you.

The first movie to come to mind about The Second World War is “La Vita e Bella”. This movie is made in 1997 and the plot of the movie is :
Guido is cheerful and charismatic, fell in love with a teacher named Dora. Guido together with his son Giosue and his uncle Eliseo are forcibly taken on the train to the concentration camp on Giosue's birthday. Despite not being Jewish, Dora wants to ride the same train with their family and they are taken to concentration camps in different wagons. In Kampta, Guido hides his son from German troops and gives him secretly food. He tells his son that if they win the game they will give the tank he wants to get on his birthday as a reward. You will both laugh and cry while watching this movie.

My second suggestions is “The Pianist”. This movie is from 2002 and the plot of the movie is :
Wladyslaw Szpilman is a successful Polish pianist. II. In World War II, the Germans return to the nightmare when they invade Poland. If he is Jewish, he gets rid of going to luck-gathering camps and starts living on the outskirts of Warsaw. Later Wilm Hosenfeld survives with the help of a German officer named. Pianist which has won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002 and was nominated for the Oscar for the best film.

The third movie which has 8.3 points according to IMDB list, “Der Untergang (Downfall) ” made in 2004:
The film begins with a statement by Adolf Hitler's secretary, Traudi Junge, in the 2000s. Adolf Hitler, the fugitive of Nazi Germany, is with his generals in the refuge of Berlin in the final days of his life. Meanwhile, the Red Army's siege of Berlin is at its final pace. The collapse of the German nation is fast approaching, but Hitler does not accept defeat.The film depicts bloody conflicts in the streets as Soviet troops enter Berlin, voluntary soldiers of children and young people trying to defend Berlin in these conflicts, some of Adolf Hitler's companions leaving him, some of them staying with him until death, Eva Braun Marriage, and suicide after a few days of hysterical hysterics, and the surrender of Germany and the suicide of Joseph Goebbels on it. This film is looking at the war by the German.

The other of the classics is made of 1993 “ Schindler's List” the story of film is :
II. Oskar Schindler, who played a role in the rescue of the Polish Jews over the Nazis during the World War II, and the film about this rescue, explains Oskar's sacrifice on behalf of humanity. The movie won Academy Awards, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Grammy Awards and IMBD point of the movie is 8.9 .

Another suggestion is that the film was taken more recently “Inglourious Bastards” (2009) :
On the corner of Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine is organizing a group of Jewish soldiers to retaliate against the enemy. Raine's group, known by his enemies as the "Bastards", has undertaken a mission to harm those leading to Nazi Germany. To this end, they collaborate with the German cinematographer and secret agent Bridget Von Hammersmark. The fates of all of them are crossed under the roof of a movie theater where Khasoanna plans to take his revenge. Director Tarantino's highest-grossing production and also Hans Landa starring Christoph Waltz won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival as well as the BAFTA Award, the Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

The other one is The Book Thief (2013) has 7.6 points on IMDB and the story of the movie is :
Liesel Meminger becomes a spiritual daughter of a family member who was nine years old in Germany during the Second World War. Lucky loves to read and learn very much thanks to Max's aspiring refugee family and his family. For Max and brave Liesel, the only way to get rid of all the evils in the world around them is the world of imagination that both books and words offer. But Jew Max, who is hiding in the basement, is always on the thorn.

Pearl Harbor (2001) This production, which looks at the war by American, is one of the films that describe the second world war well. In brief the plot is:
During the Second World War, Americans helped armies and soldiers to Europe. But President Franklin D. Roosevelt is not very pleased with this situation. He believed that weapons and military aid should be increased and that America should now take its place in this war. While the war was shrouded in Europe and Asia, America was making moves that would change the course of warfare from a distance of thousands of miles. When the peace talks were held to mean that the Japanese were stopping, the Japanese were preparing a plan that would affect the United States deeply. Finally, they put these plans into action on December 7, 1941.

The last suggestion is “Fury” which is made in 2014. The plot is :
It passed in April 1945 at the end of World War II. As the Allies reduced the final bumps on the European scene, Wardaddy, a solidified sergeant for the war, commanded a Sherman tank. The five-man crew had a very dangerous relative behind the enemy line. Wardaddy and his men, who have few numbers and weapons, take heroic steps to strike Nazi Germany from the heart.

My suggestions mentioned above and here is some other movies from The Second World War:
• Saving Private Ryan (1998) / IMDB 8.6
• Empire of the Sun (1987) / IMDB 7.8
• Atonement (2007) / IMDB 7.8
• Stalingard (1993) / IMDB 7.5
• Days of Glory (2006) / IMDB 7.1
• Mr. Klein (1976) / IMDB 7.6
• A Walk in the Sun (1945) / IMDB 7.4
• Where Eagles Dare (1968) / IMDB 7.7
• Letters from Iwa Jima (2006) / IMDB 8.0
• Mephisto (1981) / IMDB 7.8
• Casablanca (1942) / IMDB 8.6
• Night and Fog (1955) / IMDB 8.6

Bonus movie which you must watch is:
God on Trial which is taken in 2008 and the plot is:
The greatest tragedy of humanity in the Auschwitz concentration camp.In 1943, a group of men consisting of a dim barrack, a physicist, a glove maker, two rabbis, a professor of law, and a number of criminals began to question their existence as well as the survival struggle they had been waiting for. While seeking to desperately understand that they will not be chosen to be taken to the gas chambers, they seek answers to the question why God allowed so much pain.


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