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Homemade Peace

The half of the world’s population and one third of workforce are consist of women. The main problem is public perception about women, who need protection. As in the professional life they are not able to do all works like men. This public pressure continues for centuries, but in fact we need to face with the issue that women always have important role in the world. So we should believe that the women will bring the peace to the world, because women's influences on our lives, whose roles are both birth giving and educating their kids, should not be underestimated. Unlike the patriarchal structure that we used to live with, women will effect the world positively by their sensitive nature. If I should explain the word “sensitive”, I need to say that it is not about being weak or impotent. It means that they are more protective and possessive. That's why wherever they go women always try to make a livable place.

We know that women and men have equal right legally almost in all countries, but in daily life we can experience that this equality doesn't implemented in society. With all this difficulty, we should know that if women don't lose their hope, they can achieve everything. The reason to think in this way is the strong struggle that I saw and would like to tell you about as a good example for the power of women.

I have attended an event which is organized by Building Bridges for Refugee Children project. Its name is Eat for Change and organized for Syrian refugees who live in Ankara/Turkey. The concept of the event was to collect donations for the project by selling Syrian food. But the important point is that this meals are made by refugee women. You know as a woman we all should face with lots of prejudices and difficulties but think about a refugee woman, who had to leave her house and move to another country with nothing in hand. This Syrian women had to leave behind their professions and they had to start their life from the ground up.

I have been in their neighborhood as a guest and tried to understand their situation. I think this is so hard to get used to another country and I even felt like a stranger in my hometown, although I grew up in the same city. But when you see this women you will realize that they don't think like us. Refugee women were much more hopeful and crusader. They were trying to help the project with limited opportunities that they have. Because they know that it is all about their children's future.

During the event I observed their excitement and happiness. Because after all problems this women were doing a job that they can feel belong to it. One of the Syrian women cooked the most delicious Syrian foods and presented this foods with other Syrian women very well. They have hosted every guest with pleasure as in their own homes. Besides lots of Turkish people, lots of foreigners joined to the event and I realized that if this women will get a chance they can make big differences.

Thanks to the delicious foods, throughout the organization the atmosphere was far away from prejudice and even the ones with hesitation were leaving their prejudgements at the end of the day.

There are some important issues that we should learn from Eat for Change organization. In any case if we give rights to women, they will use it more effective and helpful. Another point is that we need to educate women, because they should know their importance and believe in themselves first. Education is a significant step for strong future. The society shouldn't ignore women who are trying to be helpful with ambition and we should remove the obstacles on their way.

Once for all, we have to believe in the power of the women.

Even the little happiness from the kitchen can make a great togetherness.

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Berfu Özulu

Berfu Özulu is student from Turkey and her major is Economics. She is interested in writing and volunteering. Working for TOG culture-art section and another project which is called Building Bridges for Refugee Children. Lately, she states that the travelling is her passion and she believes that while travelling you can learn more than you can read or hear. It brings great experiences and good people.