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So then was great New Year in the Polish youth company. This information better to save just in Anabella’s and my memories. ))))

What is going on here?
After this great mood from Polish customs our own holidays were coming to us. For our Christmas I went to Slovakia to Tatra’s. This topic should be open in one more post. But I was too shocked from next things in my life, which happened after Slovakia.

Just imagine, I came back from Slovakia in the evening , next day went to Wiatrak office where I worked and knew that there are problems with making Polish customer card and in a day we should go back to Ukraine.

Now with all the details. When we were going to our on arrival training to Warsaw we received a day before the paper, where was written that we need to go to post-office and take letter from Polish government to make us those customer card. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it before leaving to Warsaw, because there was weekend. So when we came back they told that the letter was already sent back and when we received it again there were information that our request for making Polish customer card was cancelled. It happened because there was no document from dormitory, which we had to send when letter came to us first time….Ufff…..I know that you, my reader, didn’t understand anything! Lol…

That time we also understood nothing! Anyway, I will continue. So then we sent again request with proving that we were on the workshop in Warsaw and physical couldn’t receive letter. And answer for that we receive on the 10th of January, when our visa was already over.

Now I can came back to the office where we came on the 10th of January, with understanding that my colleague Tetiana and me should leave Poland as soon as possible. What was the most surprising we didn’t know for how long we should go and when we come back to our EVS work in Poland. Nobody knows.

So now, try to imagine our thoughts in those moment and just try to understand everything…because in my memory this is like a big gap and just emotions (if you want to see them – come and ask, I will show..ahah)...

On the really long way home!
So on the 11th of January at around 12:45 we had our train from Bydgoszcz to Rzeszów, where we had to arrive approximately at 23:05 p.m. Have I already wrote that I hate Polish trains? So uncomfortable they are. There is no place not only to for the legs, but also, no place for the luggage. We were sitting in the same position all the day long. However, we were lucky, because last few hours our train car was empty and there were place, so we could lie down. But, UWAGA, it’s not the end of our wonderful journey!

From Rzeszów we had to take other train to Lviv. First of all the hardest moment was that we did not know what to take with us, how much stuff, because we did not know how much time we will spend in Ukraine. So we thought, that we took minimal baggage. But, no…for example I had 3 small suitcases, one big and large bag… The hardest moment was when we need to put all the stuff into the train which stops just for 1 minute! Anyway, somehow we did it on time and when we entered the train the only thing we wanted was – sleeping. I slept for a while after what, a boarder- officer waked me up. At that moment I was really sleepy and angry!

He saw that our visa is already over, what means we are illegal immigrants! And then here it started. When train stopped, he said to take all our stuff and get out with him off the train, where for us was already waiting a car, four guide-men and big dog (the worst thing was dog for me!).

The best 4 hours in my life!
Those strange (ahah) officers put us to criminal department of the boarder. First time in my life I felt myself like a criminal and really bad person!

I was shocked from first question from both of men who were working there.

„What is your height?”

Ahahaha…so how I should react? I was preparing myself for serious conversations, lots of problems etc. But they started to make jokes with us, invite us to their city, ask to prepare them borshch. WTF?

They scanned our fingers and gave us the document that confirmed for half a year for us entering Poland is strictly forbidden!

And like this we spent 4 hours!

We are coming back home!
The worst thing was that we had tickets from Lviv to Kiev and Tatiana had from Kiev to her city. And we were late for everything. Just came to Lviv without money and knew that till the evening there would be any transport. Thanks God we met one taxi-driver who told that there is new bus in one hour to Kiev, so we took money from the credit cards and went to Kiev. Again all the day in the cold transport without any features for normal transfer! And now again from 12 till 21 p.m we spent time in the bus.

Tatiana was late for her train from Kiev. I had any transport to my city at this time of day. So I asked my good friend Zhenya to take me from Kiev by car, and so invited Tatiana to go with me, because she had any variants at all, maybe just to wait one day till the next train. Finally almost in two days almost at night I reached home. I thought that finally problems were over, but I didn’t know that they were just about to start...

Happy end – kindness won evil
After gathering lot of document to prove that we really had official reason to stay more time in Poland and we didn’t do anything bad, we decided this problem and were crossed from the list for whom entering Poland is forbidden.

Me and Tatiana want to thank first of all Agnieszka Ignatowska, our coordinator of EVS project, for her positive mood and helping us in deciding all the problems we had, for all the Wiatrak for this opportunity to take part in such great project and that they didn’t turn back from us, when we had those problems.

Also thanks for our working-place kindergarten ’Pod Sosnami’, it’s headmisstress Lilliana Gaszak for her helping to get all the necessary documents and for her understanding. And many thanks to all the teachers from that work place, who were caring about our situation.

Personally, I would like to thank my mentor – the Mizikowski family, especially Agnieszka, who became really close friend to me and who always said me “głowa dogury, wszystko będe ok” (make head up, everything will be okay). And, you know I believed her and she was right.

Of course I really appreciate that my family was near and helped me, understood my paqnic and sometime sad mood. All the friends and relatives from Ukraine – thank you a lot for your support during that horrible period in my life!

And last, but not least, our lovely volunteers, who didn’t allow us to be sad and to stay in a negative mood.Kisses and hugs for all of you and for those, whom maybe I forget, but they also helped us not to lose our hopes, mood and were near.

As in all the fairy-talles kindness won evil, everyone is happy and we will live long happy life!

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Iren Broh is a freelancer journalist from Slavutych, Ukraine. Currently main topic to discover and work in she chose human rights and its defence. She is working in the area of NGOs and non-formal education.