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Kyiv Modern Ballet

Kyiv Modern Ballet was created eleven years ago by the choreographer Radu Poklitaru. It was initially an experiment, one maecenas proposed to the young choreographer from Belarus to make a performance. Radu Poklitaru agreed and made “La Forza del Destino” with eight other dancers. After that, the same maecenas offered to open a theatre of the modern dance in Kyiv, what they did indeed.

Since that time, the only troupe of the modern ballet at the post-soviet territory makes its performances at the Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre for Children and Youth. Though the stage there is small and the seats in the hall are shabby, th artists create a wonderful performance without rich hall, decorations, and costumes.

Twenty plays were created in eleven years the first play was “Carmen TV”. Radu Poklitaru decided to take Prosper Mérimée’s novel and Georges Bizet’s music. He left the same plot, however, the accents were displaced. For example, one of the main heroines of the performances became Micaëla, a woman who lost her status of being José’s fiancée.

“When there is noone beside me, love overwhelms me and makes me watch, desire, and kill the nonexistent characters of the nonexistent films. Screen’s scintillation talks to me on the language of passion. Am I lonely? No.” - the ballet master endowed Micaëla by these words and put them in the bouclet of the play as its only description.

Talking about play's characters they are all unique and intriguing even though we all met them in classical works many times before. Radu Poklitaru gives academic heroes a new life, where they are passionate, eccentric, and even mad.

However, the choreographer claims that he does not want to create his art in opposition to the classics. In general, the art created in the opposition to something is bad art. He tries to create his own dance language with the help of which it is possible to tell the stories.

His plays are always about something deep and provoking, they consist not only the proficient technique of modern ballet but also the complicated narrative. It seems that the spectators in the performances notice different aspects and problems that is why these plays are so valuable.

Dancers of the theater are required to have classic dance education. On the one hand, sometimes it is a problem for the artists - it is complicated to reject points, tutus, and classical rules of the ballet. On the other hand, their previous education makes the performance spectacular due to the dancers’ brilliant physical form. In this theatre artists have an opportunity for self-expression because their characters are deeper and more convoluted than in the classic plays.

One of the most famous theater’s plays is “Giselle”. There are several reasons why it is so impressive. First of all, this play was confined to the theatre’s eleventh birthday. Secondly, it is equipped by the most expensive costumes and decorations for the all theatre’s history. Thirdly, Radu Poklitaru takes the music of Adolphe Adam, and all the heroes from the classic ballet, with one amendment - the action takes place in the contemporary times. “ I implemented all my love to the primary source in this modern version of classic ballet. My Giselle is not a cute peasant anymore, she is destitute child of the contemporary city.”

There are many great plays in theater such as “Rain”, “Bolero”, “Women in D minor”, “In pivo veritas” and others. Each play has its own spectacular plot, vivid heroes, and a main idea that unravels during the performance. But the most valuable constituent of the shows is that artists and their moves are so expressive that the spectator understands profound and sophisticated thoughts without words. They are so eloquent that all the viewers are impressed and sometimes shocked.

Kyiv Modern Ballet has won five prizes of Kyiv Pectoral for the best plays of the year. Troupe presented the performances in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, China, Thailand, Belarus, Moldova, South Korea, Estonia, Russia, and many cities of Ukraine. Nonetheless, this theater is priceless not because of its popularity among dance professional community. As a genuine piece of modern art Kyiv Modern Ballet makes the spectator think and feel more.

It is impossible to stay indifferent after these plays. It is impossible to forget these plays. It is impossible not to fell in love with these heroes. Kyiv Modern Ballet is a secret pearl not only of Podil but of all modern culture. That is why it is necessary to visit this theater at least once in a lifetime.

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