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Let’s bike it!

The distance that bikers were to overcome is 8.6 km.

Several columns of bikers from different parts of the city met on the central square called Freedom Square. There a great flashmob took place. The idea was to gather people on bicycles in a way that the phrase “I love Kharkiv” could be seen from the air. And it worked!

All preparation for the flash-mob started at 8:00 and people could have fun with up to the evening.

Such flash-mobs have become traditional for Kharkiv VeloDays. Previous two years were marked by the same activities, when the participants of the event created silhouettes of Dzerkalʹnyi struminʹ (one of the main symbols of the city) and the moving bicycle. The interesting fact is that the latter was produced by 3207 people and is considered to be the most numerous by the Ukrainian National Register of Records.

After the flashmob the actual ride begun and afterwards each guest could find something interesting to amuse and entertain. Several food-courts were organized, playgrounds for children and lounge zones for their parents, creative space with drawing zones, races on balance bikes with prizes, bike workshops, a fair and a food festival.

In addition, the new social network, Bikesimizer was presented that day. On this social platform you can find people that are close to your way of thinking, plot a route, note the distance that you have already overcome and even calculate the number of calories burned. Here bikers can also post some important and interesting information.

The safety during the event was quite well organized by the government of the city. There were enough police cars to provide people with safety on the roads and in places with excessive number of people. There was also an opportunity to get a medical care if required.

The organizers of the VeloDay claim that the bike-movement is getting more and more popular and is spreading fast. Not only many citizens are interested in this kind of activity, but also new financial partners pay more attention to the event. Besides, the project is supported by the local government, the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports in Kharkiv region and Office of Physical Training and Sports.

Bikers, in their turn, are able now to use numerous services and facilities that were not so accessible before.

To get more details on the event you can visit the official website

Watch also the video from this event!

Photos by STATUS QUO

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