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People think, SOON YOU WILL DIE, BECAUSE IT IS UNBELIEVABLE HOW DO YOU STILL STAY ALIVE. B-Easts decided to refuse or prove this, in short and introduce you stereotype called “Iconic nerd”.

Short story about word’s etymology
Nerd is a specialist in computer games, passionate gamer, person, who thoroughly knows all the details about different digital programs. Nowadays, the word “nerd” has negative color and makes mad gamers. Definition spreads that much, so it is used as a synonymous for the word “weirdo”. However, from the beginning it was used only to characterize computer gamer. In cyberspace now trying not to use it, but even if so – it means praise for user.

German “nerds”
In 2011 Germany became center of cybersport industry. Each year in Keln one of the biggest computer games exhibitions takes part. Valve Company presented new cybersport discipline to the world Dota 2 in summer, 2011. There was competition between best teams organized in Dota 1, whose winners got 1 million dollars. It was record sum for those times.

Just participants of Dota 1 tournament were invited. For example, Angelo “THEneNo” Caula Gonsalez, Marcel “Atze” Binz, Max “qoiqya” Brocker as part of Danish organization MeetYourMakers. First German, who reached top in cybersport could be Kuro Salehi “Kuroky” Takhasomi.

Even if he was a part of most popular German team Mousesports, he didn’t succeed to become champion with it. Till 2012 Kuro tried himself as a member of Russian and Kazakhstan teams, but he finally got success, when captain of Ukrainian team of Dota 2 in 2012 invited Kuro to “Na Vi”. That year, guys reached grand-final of the biggest cybersport championship, but lost 3:2 for Swedish team “Allince”.

Vitaliy “V11at” Volochay – expositor and analyst of cybersport tournaments – thinks, that the best Dota 2 player is a veteran (28 years old) Dominik “Black” Reitmeier, who already played for numerous teams from Europe, America, Chine and even trained team from Korea. He often called as “dota father” in community of players.

Moreover, Germany presented not only in Dota 2. Successful German speaking players exist also in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Denis «denis» Howel, Johannes «nex» Maget, Timo «Spiidi» Rihter), League of Legends (Mike «MoMa» Welus, Andrian «Candy Panda» Wubelman, Roland «Prothana» Runzh), StarCraft II (Dennis «HasuObs» Schnaider, Gabriel «Marine» Segat).The most popular German cybersport organization is Mousesports.

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