Since independence, and especially after the Maidan, a lively new music scene has developed in Ukraine, which always born a lot of special musicians and artists. They are unconcerned, free and full of enthusiasm.

One of these "New Generation Bands" are The Heavy Crawls. After a moving band history they are now ready to conquer the stages of Europe!

Progressive sound is inspired by many Western bands and yet with a very special kind of music, they present the world-wide Ukraine!

Have fun and rock with us!

Interview with Max Tovstyi by Till Andreas Dunkel
from ArtMaidan
Photo by The Heavy Crawls



First album "Mistolinia", produced in 2009th was included into TOP-10 best Ukrainian music albums for that year. In 2016 5 vymir were invited as special guest on Balthazar concert in Kyiv, Ukraine.

5 vymir is Ukrainian music band from Kyiv, who are playing indie-rock, britpop & psychedelic. They like to experiment with formats, so band have played with string quintet or anuimated classic characters from Kyiv locations.

Singing song in Ukrainian only doesn't make troubles to listeners for music understanding. Fans from different festivals just open hearts and feel the music. B-East Production proposes you also to close the eyes and enjoy sincere music of 5 vymir .

Interview with musicians by Iren Broh
Photo by 5 vymir



Cheerful and reckless, in some moments discordant and with a good quality. The combination of disco, klezmer, brass bands and traditions of the Soviet enthusiasm embodied in music make them definitely the unique and extraordinary at the music scene.

OPA Band is the Russian party-orchestra from St. Petersburg. They have tours around the world and their musical geography reaches from Russia and Europe to North America and the Far East.

Being in constant creative search, musicians are experimenting with sound and cooperate with other Russian and foreign artists.

Interview with musicians by Eugenia Seriakov
Photo by OPA BAND



Mysteriously gorgeous image of young blood in Ukrainian show business is Chrystyna Soloviy. Originally she is part of anxious nation group – Lemky. They are famous for their songs, full of feelings and pure emotions.

Such part of Chrystyna caught the amateurs’ ears and put on the right wave – Ukrainian one. But if you think she is so predictable with her ethnic style – you are wrong. As a true Ukrainian girl – she is spontaneous in her life as well as in her art.

So we don’t know what to wait next, where her mood will bring already her big group of fans. But for now, let’s enjoy her songs and try to know her better.

Moderation by Iren Broh and Sani Manchak
Interview with Chrystyna Soloviy by Iren Broh



The band "FlyzZza" is one of the best representatives of Ukrainian music scene. It is recognized by its original mixture of all music styles. It is also well-known as one of the most dancing band not only in Ukraine but also outside of the country. More than 10 years ‘FlyzZza’ offers to audience their quality audio and visual product which is unique and stands out on the national music arena. However with hardly any competitors in its genres in Ukraine, Flyzzza is a great participant on the international stage.

Moderation by Eugenia Seriakov
Interview with Tima (Andrew Tymchuk) by Oleg Dorka
Photo by Flyzzza



This is the story about a famous Polish singer and violinist Alfred Schreyer. He was one of the last survivors of the Holocaust. At the moment of our interview Alfred Schreyer was 92 years old. He continued performing until the end of his life. His death on April 25, 2015 has caused great sadness. But his songs will always live in the hearts of people who knew him. In 2011 the world could see a documentary about him, called "The Last Jew from Drohobych". It was made by an Austrian film director Paul Rosdy.

Production by Radio Dreyeckland
Moderation in German by Viktoria Balon
Interview with Alfred Schreyer by Sani Manchak



Ukrainian rock band MARY plays in the Optimal Rock style, which is quite relax and light. It helps Viktor Vynnyk, founder and front man of the music group to stand out of other musicians. Thanks to its unique music style, the band has a great success in Ukraine. Around the creative team always revolves a lot of extraordinary personalities, that gives the right to say about 'Mary' as kind of creative formation.

Interview with Viktor Vynnyk by Oleg Dorka
Moderation by Iren Broh and Sani Manchak



LASMA - girl who plays E-guitar on stage and lecturer Sviatlana Paklina in musical schools. She is a famous artist from Belarus, who now lives in Berlin and has ambitious to be recognized by a German audience. Lasma dominates all facets of music. She composes all the pieces herself and produced her own videos. In addition to numerous live performances Lasma works at the moment on her new album "Pornograffitti". In a new album she represents her emotions and passion connected with Berlin.

Interview with LASMA by Eugenia Seriakov
and Sani Manchak



Kamil Frakowski is a free-lance booking agent, promoter and owner of the multifaceted label 'RoughMind'. As he started his activities in Poland he tells about the differences between clubbing in Berlin and Eastern-European cities, the general perception of Bass and Electronic Dance Music and how he came to the idea to establish his own label. His aim is to make you associate a certain sound with Roughmind label so when you listen to its releases, you can easily associate it with his label.

Interview with Kamil Frakowski by Eugenia Seriakov and by Sani Manchak



Russendisko is one of Berlin's cultural brands. However, the band founder was not only Wladimir Kaminer, who later wrote the book called ' Russendisco', but also his colleague and good friend, a front man of emigrant music band "Rotfront" Yuriy Gurdzy. Both moved to Berlin, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. How success found them and how Rotfront and Russendisco became popular in Berlin, you can hear in our interview.

Production by YCBS
Interview with W. Kaminer by Viktoria Balon
Interview with Yuriy Gurdzy by Sani Manchak


A polish music band from Lublin.

Łukasz Kaźmierczak - vocals
Igor Bazelan - lead guitar
Konrad Jezior - rhythm guitar
Mateusz Dorian Zacharski - drums&percussion are working on developing their own sound, meanwhile they play Rock and Alternative.