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His first novella was published in 1920 “Put Alije Djerzeleza (The Trip of Alija Djerzelez)”. Between the two world wars he wrote lots of short stories and during the second world war he wrote his three famous works: “Na Drini cuprija (The Bridge on the Drina), Travnicka hronika (Bosnian Story), and Gospodjica (The Woman from Sarajevo)”, all published in 1945.

The first two of these books, like most of Andric's work, were about Bosnia and its history.The author describes the life of this region where the East and the West have conflicting interests and influences for centuries in a population of different nationalities and religions.

Andrić won the Nobel Prize in literature "for the epic force with which he has traced themes and depicted human destinies drawn from the history of his country" with “The Bridge on the Drina” in 1961. He is quite neutral in books and this can be the greatest secret of his success. Even if he writes about the most cruel and even inhumane acts, he only describes the event, what people think at that time, and the reasons for their movement, but he does not give any opinion about the event.

Other important works by him:

“Gospodjica” and “Nove pripovetke (New Stories)”, 1948, he presented daily problems of people. He deals with the psychology of the wealthy, with the war and postwar periods. He refers to the establishment of a new society.

“Prokleta avilija (Devil's Yard)”, Andric returned to his favorite neighborhood and described the experiences of a Bosnian Franciscan Fra Peter, who was placed in an Istanbul prison and accused of plotting against the Ottoman government.

In 1960 Andric published another collection of stories, “Lica (Faces)”. He has also written lots of essays.

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