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Personal chart “Listen to Feel”: Experience Ukraine through alternative ethnic music

Ukraine has great traditional folk music and even greater contemporary folk music artists. I am happy to introduce you my personal chart of Ukrainian alternative music, starting with good old classics and ending my list with newly discovered groups. Find out more!

Vopli Vidopliassova (also VV) – back to childhood

It seems I am listening to this group for 10 years. I grew up in Lugansk, East of Ukraine, my mother tongue is Russian and I have never heard the Ukrainian language on the streets of my city. Radio stations played Russian songs by day and Ukrainian at night only, so no one would listen to them. It was time when I didn’t have computer or even an MP3 player, weird stuff.

Listening to this particular song was a kind flashback to my life-long love for Ukrainian rock folk music. Discover them!

Listen here

Dakha Brakha

Goblet drum, tabla, didgeridoo, harmonica, accordion, cajón, percussion instrument, djembe, flute, buhay, piano, ukulele, cello – an impressive arsenal of music instruments used by this quartet born as a theater music band. I experienced this crew live in Strasbourg and was surprised at how many French people turned to dance after several minutes of magical tunes. Enjoy! Visit their official website Dakha Brakha

Listen here

Dakh Daughters

Crazy, kinky, provocative girls that sing in different languages and dialects. They scream out their songs supplemented by ethnic rhythm and sound. Their music will not be liked everyone, but everyone should check them out. Let them surprise you!

Listen here

Bojichi – Maidan revolution memory

This ensemble plays classical folk music that has been preserved in the villages and hamlets of Ukraine, but disappears at full pelt. In the video you see they sung on the scene of Maidan during the revolution for the one who died. Each time I listen I am deeply touched. Experience the power of music!

Listen here


This female band became famous in the last few years and attracts listeners with their weird instruments and strange combination of sounds. Referring to their interviews, this trio represents a perfect woman. I personally love their modern traditional outfits. Just look at them!

Listen here

Katya Chilly – new old

She nurses her 3 years old son while singing during the concert; she only performs her concerts while sitting. She has an incredible voice and has been known from late 90’s but lost among fast food music. Katya came back on big scene and signals the return of sacral musical folk knowledge. Listen to her songs!

Listen here


Definitely the best song and show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 held in Kyiv, you must have heart about it. ONUKA combines experimental, electronic, chill wave and folk music genres. Fresh, creative view on orchestral music. See more below!


Listen here

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