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Private German Lessons in Berlin

Private German Lessons in Berlin

Level: A1 - C2

Price: trial lesson 45min. = € 35

class time: Monday - Saturday
08 am - 10 pm

Location: Berliner Str. 7, 13127 Berlin- Französisch Buchholz / Off-Site


Whether you are an absolute beginner, have an intermediate level or want to improve your fluency in German, you will get the right kind of support here. Our German lessons are care­fully and indi­vid­u­ally struc­tured around each stu­dent. You will get a personalised curriculum that is suitable just for you! We do not take any registration fee. Cancellation is possible within six months with a refund. We offer three different price packages that can extend for one year. Any course materials, such as copies, pens, markers are free of charge. If you want to have a book, you need to buy it. After the course, you will get a certificate that corresponds to the European Framework for Languages.


How long should you study to know German fluently? This question might be tough to answer, as it depends on different factors. However, based on the European Framework for Languages, it takes between 80 - 1000 hours to achieve the C1 level. According to our experience, it takes about 12 - 18 months to have private tuition and to achieve a level of proficiency. You will need to have a lesson at least twice a week for one hour, including studying at home, doing home-tasks, and follow your tutor instruction.


Our teacher will prepare a personalised plan for your needs, including learning style and ability, time commitment and day availability or any other requirements you might have. If needed, a tutor can come to your place, as well! We take a € 10 fee for this service. We always make sure we choose the right teacher for our students, one that not only has professional diplomas and qualifications but is the best match for each student personality and learning style.