Humanity - No Stereotyping

Humanity - No Stereotyping

Thousands of people have been arriving to Europe every day throughout the winter, mostly from Syria and other war-torn countries.

Sometimes media portraits asylum seekers in negative stereotypes, so the refugees often become the subject to racism. Our photo-voice project “Humanity - no stereotyping” is about helping escapees share their inspiring success stories and to show that no all of them are victims of the circumstances.

The project aim is to give the voice to refugees, so they could be heard and the listeners can have better understanding of who those people are.

If you are a refugee or know some other ones like you, who would like to take part in our photo voice project, feel free to contact us!!!

Our team of photographers and journalists are looking forward to hearing from you!

If U have something to tell or to show to the world thought your story and experience, we give you this opportunity!

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