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Human rights are depend on the country itself and people who are its citizens. But what to do if you have to leave. It is not kind of leave when you plan everything in advance, search for job, apartment, kindergarden or school for your children to make your move less stressful.

What if you work in the office, sleep in your bad, play on the backyard or whatever else and in one moment you have to LEAVE.
Where? You do not know.
How? You do not know.
What to pack in the luggage? You do not know and you do not have time to think of that.
You know the only answer – You must leave or you can be killed, kidnapped or be threatened in any other ways.

“If people are running away from war I could understand them as I would probably act the same way. I would take children and run away from places where there is a killing of civils” – says M.I. from Slovakia.

There are a lot of facts collected of killing men and old people, kidnapping young girls and selling on the Human market. Violence around and fear make people run away and escape from the country.

It make them looking

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Iren Broh

Iren Broh is a freelancer journalist from Slavutych, Ukraine. Currently main topic to discover and work in she chose human rights and its defence. She is working in the area of NGOs and non-formal education.