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Rising of Islamophobia

During the recent years, Islamophobia has been rushed up by public anxiety over immigration and the integration of Muslim minorities into majority cultures in Europe. These thrill have been incited by the aftermath of the economic crash of 2007 and the rise of populist nationalist ideas. They have also been aggravated by terrorist attacks fulfilled out by Muslim extremists.

Researcher-writer Doug Sanders, (Huffington Post) has listed stereotypes about thoughts in west about Muslims.

- Muslims will have the majority in some European countries
- Muslims confirm the terror attack against Europe
- Muslims have strong anger against the society which they live as immigrants

This kind of unfounded information like as you see on the list increases the hatred in societies and we can see the effect of hatred in daily life.Like problem in Cannes/France, the French police imposed a fine to a woman who was wearing “hasema”.According to the report of PEW(research center) In Hungary, anti-Muslim thoughts reached to 72% and also in Poland this rate is 66%.

So we can see from research why should we call it as a problem and if it is a problem we should think about solutions.There are some thoughts about how to create a European Islam and maybe it will work, but when we examine this issue in-depth, we will realize that the problem is not only about religion.

Islamophobia gets all mixed up with indigenous communities like anti-Turkish, anti-Bosniak, anti-Tatar elements and there are also racist elements mixed in with Islamophobia and it’s mostly linked to historic conflicts.We can't change the history, but we can build a different future and first should define the problem.So the most important is that Islamophobia has to be acknowledged as a hate crime and people or governments should admit it like hate crimes against Jewish.

In conclusion, in European Union which has a multicultural nature and emphasis on factors such as democracy or human rights , freedom of expression must always be maintained. Instead of the clash of civilizations, integration and socialization of civilization should be on the foreground and breaking down the prejudices brings coalesce.

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