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In 1694 Serbian traders founded a colony in front of the Petrovaradin fortress ( It is a fortress in the town of Petrovaradin, itself part of the City of Novi Sad, Serbia) and after that Novi Sad became a city. One of the most important specialties is that Novi Sad has three different religions and their worship. In the city center you can see a church so close to a synagogue. Architecture is neo-classical, because in the past remained a colony of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Novi Sad was a strategic military point of the Habsburg Dynasty.

In 19th century, Novi Sad became a cultural capital and in this years a lot of writer, poet and artists had lived in this city. Today after Belgrade, Novi Sad is second cultural capital of Serbia. Therefore, Serbia is trying to keep alive and interesting to this city with cultural events and festivals. Also, you can visit a lot of gallery and museums in the city.

Where should you visit? 
You can start your city tour from city center. Firstly, in front of tourism information center you can see The Synagogue. It was part of a bigger complex of buildings that included on both sides of the synagogue two edifices decorated in a similar pattern: One building served as the Jewish school and other as offices of the Jewish community. Currently,the synagogue is not used for religious ceremonies, it is used for many cultural concerts and events.

In the center you can see a big square surrounded by beautiful buildings. One of the biggest building is Novi Sad City Hall, this building is neo-renaissance style. The building was designed by György Molnar. Another fascinating building is Roman Catholic Mary Church which is known as cathedral. Cathedral was built in Neo-Gothic style,in the period from 1893 to 1895 and this is also designed by György Molmar. The street next to the cathedral you can visit a lot of different cafés and shops. At the end of this street there is an another church that name is The Cathedral Church of the Holy Great-Martyr George and next to this church you can see Bishops Palace which has a beautiful architecture.It is an older church in the baroque style began building in 1720. The church is one of the foremost monuments of the religious architecture in Novi Sad. Also, Dunavska street which is famous for shopping in Novi Sad,so close to this church. This street is car free zone that starts with the house called “At the White Lion's” and the City library.

Night Life in Novi Sad
As an university town Novi Sad has a lot of bars and clubs. Most of them located on the Laze Teleckog Street. You can find live music almost every night but generally songs from Serbia. If you want to hang out with an international music you should visit Irish Pub Red Cow which is on the main street.

But if you really want to enjoy in Novi Sad you should visit Exit Festival. Every year on July, they organize Exit Festival in Novi Sad. This event is Southeast Europe's largest festival.From the bridge that connects the city to the Petrovaradin Fortress, they are defined the festival area as “State of Exit” and festival shows for opponents of war, discrimination and racism that their dream can be real even four days. First by the Student Union of Serbia in 2000 was held as the final leg of the voting campaign and they seem this as one of the elements that ended the Milosevic regime. You can understand this feeling from the motto of the festival. “Exit out of ten years of madness!.” In four days in 15 different scenes, almost 200 concerts are taking place.

Some Tips About Novi Sad:
- If you visit in summer go to Strand Beach
- Visit city museum of Novi Sad and Museum of Vojvodina
- Visit Danube Park (in winter you can do ice skating)
- If you visit the city in winter spend time in the Christmas market and try cooked wine. (You can see live DJ performance and concerts because of winter fest.

Most Visited Events in Novi Sad:
- Sterija's Theatre Festival
- Infant
- International Agricultural Fair
- Cinema City
- Zmaj's Games for Children
- Exit
- Interfest
- Festival of Street Musicians
- Novi Sad Jazz Festival

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