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This election campaign has been full of dirty tricks, played mostly by the current prime-minster, accused of having abused his position to win favour with the voters by raising some wages of public servants such as teachers, passing laws that permit inter-party migration, and worst of all, accused of trying to prevent the Romanian diaspora from casting an unfavourable vote. These actions have managed to secure Mr. Victor Ponta, who had a 10% advantage after the first round two weeks ago, that he will lose the presidency seat.

However, the most heart-warming part of these election results is perhaps not the victory of Mr. Johannis, who will have many opportunities to prove his worth to the 6 million people who voted for him, but the incredible mobilisation of Romanians, politically and socially divided for many years. It is the reawakening of a nation that has finally understood, 25 years after the toppling of a communist dictatorship, what democracy is all about: a constant fight for a system in which justice and rule of law uphold the rights of citizens in a pluralistic society.

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Olimpia Parje

Olimpia Parje is a Graduate Student of Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. She is 25 years old and originally from Bucharest.