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The Truth about Ukraine War

Russia’s policy toward Ukraine is destabilization inside the Ukrainian nation. It aimed on not only in the eastern part of Ukraine, but also central. Putin wants to turn Ukraine into chaos to show the rest of the world that Ukraine is not sovereign country. All those differences of East Ukraine and West one gave a great chance for Putin to use it in his own interests. The Ukraine War helps Putin to establish a new international order and to set up new rules for Russian international relationships. As Russian President wants admiration of his dominance in the post- Soviet region, he is ready to destroy Ukraine. Those who believe that Putin helps people in the Eastern part of Ukraine, open your mind and think why he would do it.While the European Union or USA still thinking how far Putin can go, Russian President is turning his plan into reality. And if the European Union will not stand up for its norms, Russia will dictate its own. Putin won’t stop at anything to achieve his goal in building his new Russian Empire, and he uses Ukrainian conflict to establishing new relations between his Western partners. The Russians may be able to come to terms with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but they will never get used to the idea that they are no longer an empire.

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Sani Manchak

Sani Manchak is a journalist from Ukraine, currently working as a freelancer in Germany. She started her career 7 years ago and had worked as TV and radio broadcast presenter. Her Polish roots from the father side brought her to a socio-cultural partnership between the countries of the European Union. Her main areas of interests are all interlinked topics with secret societies, such as religion, high finance, politics and entertainment industry.