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Nowadays we are involved into informational war, so knowledge of media literacy, searching right channels of information, filtering it, analyzing and making own conclusions instead of “eating what is proposed” – very important component to survive.

When we talk about cinema history – we are also talking about history of manipulation development. It is one of the most powerful mechanisms to rule recipients by “customer”. Here we can include not just things we see, but all the components of the video, which includes background music, colors, possible associates, noises, voices… Using details can be the last component, which will help to make sure of people they do “needed conclusions”. The main thing – make them sure it’s their own conclusion.

Nestor Kyslenko has talked more about the theory of 25th frame in films. But summarized that it’s just a myth. The only thing which influences on person’s mind is strictly counted the picture. In fact it is perfectly companied all the instruments, which make needed feelings.

It is important nowadays to learn more how we are ruled by media. In fact this can be strong weapon against lie we receive from Russian channels. As Serhiy Havrylenko says, the hardest is to make people believe in truths if messengers can’t find proper way and good form of information they send to masses. And the thing, what Russians do today in using at least 2 of the 25 possible stages in influence on audience.

The things used by Russians are prepared for long time. First stage is historical background which consists years of making new generation, who think like the system needs. And second stage is connected with first one; it works on stereotypes and associates. For example they know that “nazism” and “fascism” are bad. They’ve heard it from relatives, read in historical books, saw in movies. They’ve heard about it from the story of 2 World War. And now, hearing “nationalism” with proper comments of news-makers, who are interested in reaching goals – people don’t really understand the difference. In fact, they hear “nationalism” accompanied with compares of “Nazism” and that’s all. The task has been done. So first – associates, and after – making vision of possible enemy.

That’s why it is very important to know how to fight this stream of lie. And, unfortunately, in Ukraine we are not developed that much to insist with our truths against lie, using technologies of manipulations.

More details in the Russian language book by Serhiy Havrylenko and Nestor Kyslenko, you can find here.

*Zombie-box – TV
**Vatnik – a person, who believes in Russia and its privileges above others, thinking Russia is great country and believing in Dmitry Kiselov’s news.

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Iren Broh is a freelancer journalist from Slavutych, Ukraine. Currently main topic to discover and work in she chose human rights and its defence. She is working in the area of NGOs and non-formal education.