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Unfortunately we can observe degradation nowadays in different ways starting with the fact, that people often don’t know their rights and to degradation in media, culture etc.

In such situation it’s important to develop ourselves. Good influences on that give hiking in mountains, forests walking, going to sea or to place, where person can unite with nature (maybe, being human in its primary definition means fighting with all difficulties and turning them into advantages).

So once I had found an advertisement on Facebook about Didova Hatchyna project, which needed person to live constantly there. This project is about building art village next to top of Carpathian mountain, where hutsul (ethnic name of people, who lived in Carpathian Mountains) traditions will be renovated. For example pottery, blacksmithing can be practiced here and place of inspiration is offered to artists.

To participate in this project I had quitted my job and moved to mountains. Life goes here as in XIX century without electricity, nearest neighbor in 1,5 kilometers, with sheep, water from pomp and outside toilet. First lonely night here was a bit scaring as I am alone in between mountains with mice and squirrel living in the house, the cross hanging in front of the door – knocks it while being hold by wind. Besides these, oven makes its sounds and bells are ringing on sheep necks. With time passing I have realized, that it makes own unforgettable atmosphere in fact, eve phsycodelic old house atmosphere in mountains. Here time goes differently, seems, slowly. Especially, I don’t have to wake up with alarm here to go working or studying. Here I can rule my time and let eat organic food from the forest.

Here I can also give my karma something back while hosting people through Couchsurfing and different projects. Like that I can say thanks to Universe for all kindness I’ve met during my personal life adventures.

This project idea came to Oleg Lukianiuk not really long time ago. Before February of 2016th on the Didova Hatchyna territory was no one. It was empty since 1960s , when Oleg’s grand-grand parents were asked to leave the place by soviet occupants because of co-working with Ukrainian Insurgent Army. From talking with citizents around, his relatives lived here since XVII-XVIII century and were one of the first citizens of Yavoriv (village, to which project relies – B-East)

Volodymyr Benedychuk became first to live in this area on February 2016th. Then, it was only old house here and huge territory with high wild plants. In May new house started to be built. Now construction is almost over with ready stable and pottery stove, there are plans to build blacksmith shop and Hutsul bath.

Life in mountain village impresses the most the person from city with warm relations between people, widening own comfort zone, beauty of nature. Here, you can often wake up in between clouds and funny workers, who are working on new house construction, interesting guests and sheep behind window. The greatest morning for me was once in 400 meters from house surrounded by nature without any tents.

Festival took place here this summer. It’s a possibility to meet hutsuls and their language, culture and cuisine. Also was a possibility to try ourselves as handcraft artists. On the background all the time was live music from neighborhood village band.

Liuba Rybenchuk is an artist of making products of wool. Her great-grandmother taught the technic of making the things of wool her grandmother, then grandmother passed that knowledge to her daughter (Liuba’s mother), and after Liuba was raised mastering this art. She always tells, she was born already with the knowledge of how to weave. The most participants of the Didova Hatchyna Festival (The Grandfather’s House Festival) came to see a master class of interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them. There is no such a word to express with how much love Liuba makes different products of wool. Buying something from those products she made, you will warm your house with supplemented good elements. And most importantly, the atmosphere of love and friendliness with which the things were made will stay in your home. You can contact with Liuba by FB (

Roman Rybenchuk is also a young artist of woodcarving. Currently he is studying in Ukraine, in Kosiv Institute of Arts. He mastered carving and in his hands the piece of wood appear with new shape and form. Roma is such a talented fellow, that you can describe him any item you would like to have and he will made it for you. Wooden beer mugs, coasters, frames for photos, everything he will interpreted with a nice taste. Check his FB profile. (

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Roman Salii

Roman Salii is a student of General Medicine. He is interested in psychosomatic diseases and history of end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries. He loves to travel with hitchhiking and couchsurfing. His freetime he likes to spend usefully for himself and others - so he has started volunteering in different projects. He does not accept corruption in any of its forms. He likes reading, especially such authors as Remark, Orwell and Huxley.