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You will not hear songs of this tendentious girl at the main radio stations or TV-channels; Maria’s main communication is done through social media. She downloads new songs in the Vkontakte and invites spectators to her concerts through Instagram. Despite the fact that she uses progressive ways to express her art, Maria is incredibly natural and organic on stage. Her loose long hair, bare feet, clear colored maxi dresses contradict the mass culture of “big booty”, twerking, blatant make up, and monosyllabic songs.

It is possible to say that Maria dedicated her life to music; she has been studying music since she was five. Several years later, inspired by the film “Autumn in New York” Maria wrote her first song. After the graduation of the decennial musical school, she entered two departments of conservatoire - classical and pop-jazz piano. Besides that, Maria was individually studying the mastery of vocal singing.

It is possible to say that Maria owes her online-popularity to one song: in 2011, the song “Echo of a Thousand Stations” (Eho tusyachi vokzalov) conquered millions of people and became the flagship composition of Maria’s art. It seemed that social media exploded because of this song. People were dismantling the composition to quotes, widely posting it wherever they could.

However, Mrs. Chaikovskaya did not become an artist of one song. From the chamber halls she moved to the big concert halls, without changing sincere way of performing. She released four albums and plenty of sensual songs. She performs at the biggest Ukrainian festivals, such as Atlas Weekend, Jazz Koktebel, and the Lviv Acoustic Fest among others.

Her tours cover many post-Soviet countries. Maria’s fans adore singer’s tender voice and strong energy that fills up concert halls. Maria composes all the music by herself; besides her own words, Maria also incorporates poems of modern Ukrainian and Russian poets into her music. Maria’s romantic way of performance does not eclipse her talented and sophisticated singing technique.

In the era of vulgarity, this girl appeared to bring a fresh musical breath to music lovers. Maria is full of energy - she is ready to conquer the world by her vernal performances, so that the jazz-lovers blissfully enunciate “Lucky us!”

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